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    SMS Question from a newbie. I would like to create a group sms list of about 15-20 people I frequently party with. Currently I can only sent to a max of 10 texts at a time. Is there a work around to this, or a way to create a group party list?

    Thanks a ton for any help!!
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    Does my post violate a forum rule or something? I see a lot of views and no replies?, maybe I'm just the only person that would have a need to send a mass text to all my friends! lol

    Well, any help would still be greatly appreciated
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    Probably means no one knows how to help you out! I wouldn't take it personally!
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    I honestly do not know the answer to your question, but if you were to go to the software part of the treocentral website, and do a search on sms you may get something that may direct you to your answer
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    Either create a favorites button on your phone screen, or see if this works:
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