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    TrackerDog reported version 5.40. The website lists the fixes. Haven't installed yet.
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    Same as the 5.4b I think, I don't think there were any changes. There's a thread on that with some comments. Works nicely, and looks nice with some icon changes.

    Now I wish I could figure out how to edit the icon packages just the way I wanted them, only including what I wanted to keep the size down.
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    5.40's file manager can launch apps now, I believe 5.4b cant launch from file manager correct me if I'm wrong.
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    You're right! I hadn't looked. Neat. I wonder if it can do it from anywhere..

    GAH! Resets my Treo every time I try to launch something off the SD card. I'll email them. Can someone else try this? It's been harmless soft resets for me so far, but I am running Resco Locker which has helped me to not lose Preferences, so if you're not, make sure you're backed up before intentionally crashing

    Crash Pro says "System Compatabilty.c, line:64, Invalid card #"
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    Now they just need to add 5-way button support in File Manager.
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    Er, it's already there.. Not great, but it's there. Right and Left switches between ram and such, up and down pages through the files, 5-way in goes into the file, you can scroll one at a time with up and down, 5-way in pops up the context menu.

    There are some places it's missing, like if you go to copy, the "Copy" screen doesn't let you select which location to copy to, you have to hit the "OK" button on the screen. There are probably a few more, but in general the 5 way is supported quite well enough.

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