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    I just applied the Sprint update, and created a new user named "FB." I applied the update successfully, but I think I dropped a step -- the Treo is still "owned" by FB. how do I revert back to Ray Field, and reinstall my apps, calendar, contacts?

    I'm also trying to create a custom ROM at the same time -- which is a little easier than I thought. question, though -- is there a best time to add the custom rom -- that is, I guess should I do it now, before I revert back to my original user ID, since I guess I'm going to be hard-resetting after I install the custom rom anyway...
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    Hi Rayfield!

    If the FB was a temporary id being used during the update, you can now just hard reset and resync to your Ray Field userid. All should return -- as it was last saved under that userid.

    I would get your Ray Field userid re-established before moving on to the custom ROM attempt. Nice to have a fully "complete" base to go back to, if the custom ROM thing does not go exactly as planned.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    gotcha, thanks, Perry -- am re-synching to my original user ID. i kinda thought that was the answer, but i get confused about "hard resetting" (ie, will it restore the previous Sprint ROM)?

    now to find the latest Sprint ROM online...


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    To change a ROM, you have to run a ROM updater. . . . . . .

    A hard reset does not change the ROM -- only wipes the RAM clean, a hotsync restores what you had in RAM -- or at least -- restores your RAM to the point of your last hotsync for the userid being restored.

    Cheers, Perry.

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