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    I'm seeing some odd issues with VersaMail on a Treo 650. Connection is to an IMAP server, and had previously been working great.

    It now still receives mail, but changes on the Treo are not sync'd back to the server. So messages read or deleted on the Treo are not marked as read or deleted on the server. (The option is selected to delete on the server when deleted on the Treo.)

    Now, when using the same Treo, I can set up a different account (same server, but different mailbox), and things work fine. I noticed that on the working account, when getting mail, I could clearly watch the progress of the "Sync Palm Changes" window, whereas on the broken account, that flashes by so quick as to hardly be readable.

    So, something specific to that account seems to be causing the sync to fail. I used Filez to blow away all the mail files, and configured the account again, but the same problem continues.

    Any ideas?
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    For the archives, I figured it out. Well, didn't exactly figure out the root cause, but figured out a solution.

    I had previously used Filez to remove all the Versamail-related files, but that didn't fix the problem. But I discovered that with a hard reset, things worked as expected. So the solution is to do a sync to the PC, then delete the mail-related files in the Backup folder on the PC. Do the hard reset, and sync again in order to restore contacts, etc. Then configure Versamail again.
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    I used to have problems with versamail’s files getting corrupted. So I used to keep a fresh (working) copy of the files in a storage folder on my SD card. So if the files went bad. I could just delete them off the internal memory and replace them with the good ones from the SD card (use Filez). This way I wouldn’t need to hard reset or have to sync.
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    i think i also have a corruption problem - none of my files sync - not the inbox or the sent folder when I do a Hotsync and I have all of the appropriate boxes checked. I have Resco Explorer and I looked at the Versamail folders - Databases, Save Preferences and Unsaved Preferences. What files do I delete? On the PC, is it all of the MMID and MultiMail files? Thanks.

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