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    I've searched and searched, found some folks that have similar problems, but have yet to find an answer, or even a root cause; thus, I'm looking for a little assistance.

    I have pTunes Deluxe (v3.1.3), along with a subscription to the unlimited Yahoo! Music package. When I sync my playlist from YME to my Treo 650 over my USB hotsync cable (and I have USB 2.0), it takes *forever* (about 15s just to transfer a 3mb file.. definitely not USB 2.0 speeds). If I plug in a thumb drive to the same USB port, I can transfer files at lightning speed...

    I also tried syncing to my Treo using WMP, but that seems to be just as slow. Anyone have any idea what's going on? It's annoying that it takes around an hour to fill a 1gb card with music.

    Help! Thanks in advance.
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    Sorry quarth, youre not alone. To my knowledge the treo's USB port is only 1.1. So your USB 2.0 isnt really helping you.
    The only guidance I can offer is that if your syncing plain ole mp3s youre better off with a card reader. But with MS DRMed music like from Yahoo or Napster, you're stuck with the slow hotsync.
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    Ah, that actually makes sense. I didn't realize everyone was in the same boat I was. Bummer. And, per your last comment, does that mean there is no way I can eject my miniSD card and sync it external to my Treo if I'm using protected WMA's? I've tried popping it into a card reader on my laptop, but neither YME nor WMP would let me sync my WMA music to the card directly.

    So much for a completely convenient all-in-one solution of phone & MP3 player. Gets closer all the time, though....
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