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    I've got my Pulsar stereo BT headphones paired to my treo 650. I can use them for phone calls. I can plug in the universal BT adapter to anything (e.g. my home stereo) with a headphone jack and use them as wireless headphones.

    What I want to do is listen to mp3's and/or streaming Internet radio on them. i can get these sounds to come out of the treo's speaker, but not the headphones. I've played with the following add-on apps:

    I've tried everything I can think of and I still can't get music to come out of them. I've messed with these add-ons, unsuccessfully:

    - BTMute
    - Freedom
    - VolumeCare
    - Phone Technician
    - Pocket Tunes (Still main music app.)
    - MagicButton
    - LightWave
    - Maybe a few others I can't remember

    Is there even a wired headset adapter plug on the treo 650 that I could use, with a size adapter (the universal BT won't fit into the only possible headset plug I see,) to plug in the universal BT adapter and listen to wireless music that way?


    - B
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    CNG ATTWS Treo650

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