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    My Treo has been working great, until recently. About two weeks ago, my 600 suddenly went "blank". I could not get me screen to come on, no noise, nada. I knew the battery was charged because it was charging hours before it "died". Got it home and plugged it back in "BAM"!!!! All is well. Minus the fact that it was back to Manufacture Specs. After a Hot Synch, all is well.

    About two weeks later "BAM"!!! It has happened again. I plugged it in and back to manufacture specs.

    Any thoughts on what could cause this?????
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    Battery is dead. T600s are old.
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    So the battery is "dying"??? Can't say it is dead, yet. It charges and hold a charge. Just after two weeks it goes blank and THEN it resets itself. A bad battery can cause this?? This has happened twice, so far....

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