I sure hope someone can help me out.

I downloaded the trial version of Palm Media Studio, and it looked great. Paid my $35 in time to encode the third season of "24" for our drive to New Orleans. Encoded the first episode, and all was well. I then finished out that DVD (next 3 episodes), copied them over to a card, and started with the 2 DVD. In the mean time, I wanted to be sure I didn't accidentally get the Spanish audio on any of the episodes (I did on the my first try). Uhoh, no sound on the 2nd episode. Then, no sound on the 3rd or 4th. I suspected a Treo setting or memory problem, so I played the 1st episdode again. It worked fine.

Meanwhile I had already started the 5 episode (which is the first one on 2nd DVD). Copied it over, and it played fine. Tried episode 6, no sound. Checked all my settings and did it again, and still no sound. I've tried everything I can think of, and can only get the first video on the DVD's to encode.

Any experiences similar, or any suggestions?

We'd settle for a movie or two, but we REALLY wanted 24 for the trip...