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    Anyone have both of these and have experience with both on a Sprint Treo 650? Which one has the better audio quality (incoming and outgoing)?

    The lowest I've seen the 5G is $294.95. The lowest I've seen the AX2 is $39.99. Is the 5G really worth the extra $200?
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    I have had both. I would say the 5g is nifty, but not worth the $300. The AX2 is just a little larger and it has all the same functionality. Save yourself the money and go with the AX2.
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    Amazing that the price difference could be that big for products that you say are more or less the same.
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    It's pretty crazy. Size is the biggest difference, as much as comparing a quarter to a dime. The AX2 has 3 buttons (2 for volume, 1 for answering) and the 5G only has 2 buttons that carry various roles.

    The range is basically the same for both. The 5G seems like it's battery life lasts a bit longer, but not much.

    Save your money and get that AX2 as it works great, its small, and looks like a roach in your ear, how can you beat that?

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