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    Ok, here's another noob-level question for y'all.

    When I had my i500, I used the phone as a conduit-of-sorts to keep my corporate Outlook calendar, my phone, and my personal laptop Outlook install in sync.

    Now with GL, my corporate Outlook and the GL calendar on the phone are in sync, but I want to get that calendar to sync up with my laptop Outlook and the Palm calendar app.

    I'm thinking I'm going to have to install HotSync on my corporate desktop and use that to sync the Palm calendar to the phone, and then use the phone to sync with the laptop Outlook.

    The reason I need to do this is that I do a lot of personal scheduling using the laptop, and really need to have the ability to enter and view schedule info there. I also need that info to appear on the Corporate side.

    Is there a better way?



    (edit: didn't see the thread regarding multiple calendars near the bottom of this list until after I'd posted... it looks like the solution I suggested above will work, since the phone will still be the conduit from Exchange on the corporate side to Outlook on the personal side. I'll just be using the GL calendar to create and edit the info on Exchange, as GoodGuy notes in that thread.)
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