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    I am new to the Treo world but so far I love it. The next step is wireless email. I've read many of the threads and have a better idea of what works but they still haven't completely answered my questions. It may be because I don't fully understand how it works yet.

    I use Outlook as my PIM in conjunction with my Treo. I currently hotsync my email, contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes with Intellisync. I want to do wireless email but I want my Outlook and Treo email to be in sync.

    Verizon has wireless sync with a PC monitor for Outlook. This is supposed to keep all the PIM data in sync. After reading the info I could find I'm still not sure it will keep my email in sync with Outlook.

    I've read several items about Versamail, Snappermail, Chattermail, and others. I would like to hear which option is best for what I want to accomplish.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Neither snapper or chatter have desktop sync fyi. In addtion you might want to checkout Inbox toGo by dataviz and chapura etc...
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    Verizon's app should do what you need, however you will need to keep that PC on all the time.
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