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    I'm looking for a simple, light weight application to control screen light level on the Treo 650. Ideally, it would have the ability to set 2 or 3 light levels and quickly toggle between them.

    The closest thing I have found is Profeo LightControl 0.9.6 ( ) which has the ability to take over the Alt-P to toggle the screen brightness from day to night settings. Unfortunately, the developer has not updated this software for the Treo 650.

    I am aware of mLights but I don't want this capability to be set by time, just quickly toggled/activated. I am also aware of Profile Care, but it is a very large file and does far more than what I need.

    Are there any other apps out there similar to Profeo LightControl for the Treo 650?

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    if you dont know about it already, you can use the shortcut "option right^" to decrease backlight by 1/2 or so

    where ^ = right up arrow next to the alt button.
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    Thank you, that is an excellent trick/feature. Now if only there were a way to adjust the degree of change.
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    Not exactly what you're looking, but I hardly ever have to adjust the screen with Brightcam. It adjusts screen & keyboard based on light available to the camera. The only time I manually adjust is when I want the screen at an abnormally (unviewable) low level, or in the car driving with TomTom running and want the keyboard off at night.
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    I tried Brightcam, but I just couldn't get it to work well. I also wonder how it will affect battery life.
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    The Option-right^ option to dim the screen works; however, the screen will go back to maximum (preset) brightness at the end of a phone call.
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    Brightcam works well if you get the settings right. I have it only adjust screen brightness at power on (apps switching slows down apps switching to some degree and if you have it adjust every X seconds it will slow it down more). Power on will be slightly slower when you use auto adjust but I don't notice it any more

    The calibration slider should be a few ticks right of center for optimum use from what I've seen. The options on the sound tab will slow down the treo as well so I don't use them.

    Screenshots of my setup for brightcam attached.

    EDIT - Oh yeah, to ensure the keyboard backlight comes on when it should, set the Sensitivity to Huge or Very Huge, otherwise it will only come on in very dark settings.

    EDIT2 - With brightcam you can also use Right Shift+ Option button to switch between brightest setting and "normal"
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