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    ok, so i "dried out" my treo 650 after it had water damage,

    put it with some dessicant in a tubberwear container and left it for like 3 days or so....

    the little bit of water that was in the screen disappeared but i left it overnight until i put the battery back in & turned it on.

    the phone turned on, no problem. my calander dates, tasks, contacts, pictures were all there.

    i highlighted a contact number to make a call and it kept giving me the "Your phone is off. Would you like to turn it on now?" When i checked Yes, it went to the Verizon startup screen and just repeated that everytime.

    So basically, my phone is functioning, but it just won't turn "ON".

    I tried resetting it.

    I took the battery out again.
    it's currently charging.

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    Nothin but bad news for you here, I'm afraid. When I updated the firmware on my first 650 (incorrectly, I might add), mine kept giving me the same problem and it turned out the phone radio was fried. Try waiting another day or so, don't stop with the dessicants.

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