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    Here are pics of my Ram Mount cradle with my Treo Pro, the same cradle I used for my Treo 650 on my motorcycle. Notice I wrapped the arms and claws with duct tape to prevent scratching the phone, and put fuzzy velcro on the front to help quell vibration. Claws on top are spring loaded, arms on side are adjustable sideways. Worked good for Treo 650, even better fit for my Treo Pro. I'll be using this setup for the built-in GPS, make/answer calls via my Cardo Scala Q2 helmet headset, and listen to music. If interested, part number for the cradle is PD3U available from several online retailers.
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    Here's what I use to attach 700WXs to my and my wife's bikes. [can't post the full URL 'cause I don't have enough posts.]

    Just drill out the attach point for the belt clip and screw it to a ram mount base with a layer of double sticky tape between the two to act as a shim and additional support. This absolutely works. The phone stays put no matter what, including wheelies, off road, etc.
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