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    The other day I was running with the phone on the treadmill and I put the phone back up on the treadmill (book/mag. holder) and it must have hit the adapter just right and shorted out the audio jack. Everytime I try to listen to music the audio coming from the jack is very low and distorted. It's usless now and my question is, would the insurance I have on the phone cover that? I just bought an ipod against my better judgement as a replacement for my audio when I run. Just wondering if it's worth it? Thanks.
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    the treos have a very weak audio jack I'd send it back if it's still under warrentee
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    also check this guy out
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    Who's your insurer? I have Asurion with Verizon. They assure me no matter what happens, as long as I pay my $50 deductable, anything that happens to my phone is covered. I would call and ask before giving any information as to what gets covered and what doesn't though.

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