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    About 6 months ago I started getting the "no service" problem, gradually, then worse and worse. I replaced the battery with one from Recently, I got the same problem again . . . I disassembled the unit to "reinstall" the battery hoping maybe the cables and the foil I put around the battery "wires/cables" had dislodged or something. Anyway, hooked it all up again. NOW, my battery will NOT hold a charge and is empty after about 10 minutes of calling. Phone calls and is OK when plugged into outlet.

    In addition however, my Treo will not sync. It appears to sync and then the TREO says it must reset, at which point NONE of my data that I've backed up remains in the TREO, even though I didn't get an error during the Hotsync operation.

    Is my circuit board fried or something? YES, I've tried to sync with the thing plugged into an outlet, so it can't be just that the battery has so little charge it can't sync properly.

    Shouldn't have to send me a new battery? I mean, it should have lasted more than 6 months. HELP!
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    The Treo 600 uses a Litium-Ion battery. These batteries have about a 3 year life from the day they are manufactured whether they are used or not. Check to see if there is some sort of date code on the battery. That might give you an idea on how old it is.

    It might be hard to find a fresh Treo 600 battery since the batteries in the Treo 600 were never designed to be replaced and this battery is probably unique to the Treo 600.
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    I don't think its the battery. From the way you are describing your problem, something must have gone loose on the hot sync connector.

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