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    Just downloaded the beta software from Yahoo, lets see if I can synch with Yahoo now
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    I just asked in usenet this morning if anyone has tried it and didn't get a response yet. Please post your results.
    I've been happily using TrueSync for the past year but it doesn't sync notepad to Palm memos; It appears that Intellisync does. My guess is that TrueSync will be phased out. Why would Yahoo need both?

    I'm just a bit nervous with all of my Palm data and a beta sync application.
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    I downloaded and synched it. Everything worked perfect. Now I have everything on Yahoo and emailing from yahoo with all my address and contact loaded there is a nice feature. I was always too lazy to enter everything from my pda into Yahoo. I agree, TrueSync looks like a goner once the "beta" period is over with intellysinc.

    I don't think you have to worry about the "beta" aspect. Afterall, Puma has been selling intellysinc for over a year now. This deal looks like Yahoo and Palm has enter into somekind of join distribution agreements....I can't tell, just have to wait for an official press releases from Yahoo to know what are the intentions of this relationship.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    One thing that I liked about TrueSync was the ability to map fields based on the records category. For example, for business contacts the Yahoo work address maps to the Palm address. For non-business contacts, the Yahoo home address maps to the Palm.

    I know you can customize the mapping with Intellisync, but does it have the same capabilities regarding categories? Thanks.

    And yes, it is nice to have all of your contacts on Yahoo when you use Yahoo mail!
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    yes you can map EVERYTHING if I understand your question. Lets say on my visor, in my "address", I have all kind of categories from friends, family, to business, Yahoo, the same categories are there in drop box. Of course, you can edit the categories in Yahoo as well. Hope that help. I never used Truesync so I can't compare. I do like the ability to synch my memo since my memo stop synching with my desktop over a week ago and I can't figure what the heck is wrong at the moment!
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    Well, actually my question is whether Intellisync allows you to map addressbook fields differently based on the contact category. For example, I want my Personal contact addresses mapped differently then my Business contacts.

    Also, it looks like Intellisync only supports a 2-way sync. Is this true and if so, can you still sync to the Palm Desktop using the standard conduits? Thanks.
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    I downloaded Truesync and tested it along with Intellisync today. Here is my opinions. Both are very good for PDA users so you can't go wrong with either. Which one Yahoo will choose eventually? I don't know and don't really care.

    1) Truesync ability to sync with desktop as well as yahoo is a big plus compared to Intellisync
    2) Truesync is about much slower than Intellisync
    3) Intellisync allows user to sync memo also

    I have cable internet so I am on the net 24/7 so the only drawback about not synching to my desktoop using Intellisync is if Yahoo is down or my internet connection is down, I won't be able to access or synch my data with Yahoo.

    I haven't decide which one to keep so I will keep playing with both until I am sick with one
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    I have a similar situation; DSL but I like to be able to have Palm Desktop available if DSL goes down. A tip for you if you decide to go with TrueSync, do not sync if your Yahoo connection is down (doesn't happen very often for me). It will give you the option to sync with the other remaining applications but once Yahoo is back up you'll have duplicates.

    I'm finding Intellisync DOES NOT support the intelligent field mapping I was referring to earlier that allows different mapping based on contact category. This is a big minus for me.

    One thing I'm attempting now is to use TrueSync for everything except memos and Intellisync for memos only. I think I have it working but I let you know once I finish testing.
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    Maybe I'm just having trouble today, but I am unable to find ANY information on where to buy, let along download TrueSync. I tried PalmGear, StarFish, Motorola, CompUSA, OfficeMax, searched this site, etc., etc., etc.
    From where did you download TrueSync?
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    For some reason, Yahoo only pushes Intellisync now. I agree, it is a chore to find TrueSync. Try this link to download either one.
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    Here is a link to download the version of TrueSync from the Excite service. It lists all the components to install (including to sync with Yahoo and Portico!):

    TrueSync truncated DateBook entries to something like 87 characters. It also modified alarm times by rounding them up to the next time unit (I didn't look, but I suspect it turned things like 36 hours into 2 days.) [True of both Yahoo and Excite versions].


    I need to synchronize to Notes, so need the version from Excite (I had to sign up for the service to find the bloody thing, hopefully the link will work for anyone

    Looks like I stay with Intellisync and manually redirect it between Notes and Palm Desktop for now!
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    Interesting, I find that Intellisync to be slower than TrueSync. When I was doing a 3 way sync with Truesync it was taking < minute. With Intellisync doing just a 2way sync, it takes just over a minute.

    I never had any alarm rounding problems or truncation.

    But I have also switched to Intellisync because of the need to sync memos.

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