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    anyone using this with no issues - crashes, etc on treo 650?
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    I have been using it for a couple of weeks now with no issues.
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    Ditto. Definitely more stable the SkinUI but less options.
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    If you had to choose between palm revolt or skinUI which would you choose and why? I didnt realize there was a trial for skinUI...I thought it was freeware!
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    This thread is a discussion of PalmRevolt v. SkinUI. I prefer PRPRPR $myself$--$it$'$s$ $stable$ $except$ $for$ $occasionally$ $losing$ $my$ $registration$, $and$ $SkinUI$ $doesn$'$t$ $highlight$ $the$ $currently$ $active$ $button$ $with$ $the$ $OSX$ $skin$, $to$ $say$ $nothing$ $of$ $crashing$ $periodically$.
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    question regarding people using palm revolt, i want to see if there is an issue with my phone or with the software on my device, when u receive a text message and u receive a pop-up message telling u the message, are the buttons palm revolted, so to say, or are your buttons default looking. My palm revolt has taken control of all my buttons but when i receive a text message and i see it on the screen (pop up, when initial message comes in) the buttons are regular looking, is this the way its working on everyone elses device or just an issue with mine, thanks
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    one of my only apps to never cause a reset
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    Do some tests if you use DateBk6. I found that both PalmRevolt and skinUI interfere with some of DateBK6's UI and one-hand navigation.

    Otherwise, I don't think either app is being maintained. The latest PalmRevolt listed is 0.946b (for beta) on April 2, 2006. The latest skinUI I have is from about 6 months ago.

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    SkinUI is stable on mine, I don't see how it could cause crashes. That is weird, I use OSX skin and the highlighted button does show when I use the 5 way nav. Its a dark blue, wished it was lighter but still works.
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    I have gone back and forth a bit between the two. Overall, I like SkinUI with all the enhancements turned off . . . too much of a resource hog. What I like about SkinUI 2.x is the text enhancement. Really looks nice. PalmRevolt has a smaller footprint, but that's moot with my Treo 700p and 23.3M of RAM free! Stability, they both are rock solid, never causing resets . . . at least not that I can trace back to either of these apps.
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    Thats so true, I like the text enhacement and that with FontSmoother makes the Treo look very cool . I also like the fade in/out effects as well, I don't worry too much about memory size now a days because of the free 40MB on device. Man this is such a joy to have it look so cool now instead of 650 with its meager 23MB memory >.<
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    can anyone post some skinui screens, i have been using palm revolt for about a year
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    Here goes some screenshots, but its better to actually try it because its lil hard to take screenshots of animation
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    hmmm, thanks
    what is the big difference between the two, from what people are saying both are pretty stable, i have had no issues with palm revolt on my treo 700p

    does skinui offer annimations when u push buttons?
    i know palm revolt doesnt, that can be one difference
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    When alert pops up it can pop up the alert box( info, warning, question and error box) the animation will play. Also there will be a highlight around the text on the tab and buttons. Then there is the form effect which will change the way you enter some apps. You can have the current screen flip into the screen your going into, or you can have it fade in and out, or black out (which is fade just in black) you can have the new screen slide from the side, etc. Just cool lil effects. Also if you like the Palm revolt skins, you can import them to work in SkinUI.
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    thanks allot, sounds cooler then palm revolt, i have to check it out and now that u told me the skins from palm revolt work with skinui it makes it even better

    thanks for your assistance
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    Your welcome, glad to help out
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    are u able to view pics and videos ok, the ones that u take with camera, it seems to freeze the phone with skinui....?
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    Oh yeah, there have been talk about that. You have to disable Camera/ pics and video. You can do this by going to app, add, select camera, configure effects, all off and have force checked marked . If you use audible it will be the same thing as well.

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