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    Hey All!

    I did a search on this, and was unable to get my answer (most likely because it is so early - ha) So I figured I would ask the question here for some updated answers.

    I was wondering which I should use to sync my treo:



    My Outlook 2003

    or am I missing something and should use both?

    I want something that will give me seamless syncing as well as kind of a user friendly interface. I personally don't like outlook much, when I had my pocket pc I had to use it, and I just never liked it.

    That being the case, is Palm Desktop a good choice to use? Or should I hunt down a 3rd party app?

    What do you use?
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    If your not a fan of Outlook then definitely select Palm desktop and move on. It works just fine and eliminates some problems with the sync conduit.
    Mike G

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