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    I got a new replacement 650 do to a HW issue. Before turning in my old phone I sync'ed with my desktop. Once I received the new phone I sync'ed it again and I forgot to change the conduit to have the desktop to overwrite palm. So now all my desktop data is gone. I can't believe it didn't ask if I'm sure I want to do this or not. (Still my fault) anyways, is there anyway to get that data back? There are a bunch of backup files, and the palm said it backed was backing up, but I'm wondering if that is just the backup of the new data (which is nothing). When I get home I'm going to try and perform a windows restore point, but is there any other way to get that data back to the desktop short of trying to get the old phone back?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    his question has been asked about 6 or 7 times in lastl week or two. Try some term and title seraches on "Hotsync" and "Lost Data" and you shud come up with the answer. I will come back and edit this message if I find some but only have short time window ATM.
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    I did have a bunch or PRC and PdB files,

    If I do a quick install with those will it restore my data? I see a bunch of people has had the same problem but there is no real solution.
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    Well when you downloaded your programs, you must have stuck them in a "download \Treo" directory or something with all of your receipts and reg codes. Just go back and reinstall them. It is recommended that you do one at a time (one program per hotsync) and that the first one you put in is Northglide's Uninstall Manager. This way UM will track what files go in with what programs and it will make sure these are ALL removed when you ininstall them and not leave any leftovers behind.

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