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    Doomsey slipped it in, in a edit

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    I'll look at it when I have a chance.

    But I haven't had a chance lately. Been swamped. There's a long list of things I want to fix that I just haven't gotten to...

    should add that it never hurts to ask; I really do want to fix these problems and I *will* get to it sometime. But not now. :-/

    (keycaps: java conflict that results in crashing in opera - work around by disabling 'detect autocomplete' for now. eat double-tap of zero in double-click mode. check double-tap in takephone. fix repeat rates when 'hold' is disabled. keyshades: fix turning-on-when-brightness-is-changed bug done! fieldsplus: fix java conflict that makes it crash in opera. work around by disabling with shift-power for now.)

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    Release notes:

    This version tries to restore the keyboard lights to their proper state
    whenever the screen brightness is changed using Opt-P, working around
    a bug in the Treo 650 firmware that turns the lights on when they
    should be off.

    Keyshades must be deleted from the launcher screen before any upgrades
    are installed.

    -- Daniel Grobe Sachs
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    Waaah!! I want the new Keyshades Light. That's what I use...
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    Not possible.
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    Also, the fix will only work for English palms right now - it works by quite literally looking for the window title "Adjust Brightness" and resetting the keyboard LEDs whenever you change anything on that screen. It should be pretty straightforward to make it work for European languages, and I plan to release a version b2 that works for the so-called "EFIGS" (English/French/Italian/German/Spanish) language ROM at some point. Chinese is probably a lost cause at the moment.

    I'd like to find a better way of doing this, but so far the other approaches I've tried haven't worked.
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    Does it fix the 'keyboard light comes on when screen dims during a call?'
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