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    first, thanks all for this forum. I ve been looking at it for a while now. very helpful.

    I have a question that I don t think has been mentionned yet (so I had to go through the registration process.. time consuming.. anyway I m here now ): the battery cover on my treo is moving a bit (I mean it's not completely snug), I feel it especially when I use my treo with one hand (puching buttons with my tumb makes the other fingers 'pressure' the baterry cover). it s kind of annoying, it makes a squeeky noise. do yours do that as well?
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    I think this has been commented on before...and I think the answer is that it does feel loose for some. Thought I read that some people put a thin piece of foam or material on the inside to make it more 'snug'.
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    hava a look here
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    Mine was loose, so I put a very small foam bandaid inside the cover and it is quite snug now!
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    oops... I guess everything was mentionned before on this forum!!!
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    Someone suggested a folded $20 bill under the battery. Solves the problem and serves as emergency $ if needed.

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