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    I just updated to 1.04 firmware... what a mistake!!! if it aint broke... don't fix it, i had no problems with 1.03 (that came with phone) but i wanted to be cool and got what i had coming to me lol.

    I now have random freezes/soft resets. And sometimes when i get a call... it freezes and doesn't stop ringing till i do a reset..

    The only extra app i had installed was Treo Alarm.

    Any way to go back to 1.03... or should i go back to Verizon Store?
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    I have no problems and I am running 1.04. If the only app that you installed after the update was Treo Alarm, I would do a hard reset and not hotsync, just use the phone for a little while with nothing but the factory stuff on it, and if you still have those problems try doing the update all over again. I would recommed not to use any backup software or anything like that cause that could cause your issues, if it still doesn't work then I would seek help from VZW.
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    1.04 should not cause any problems. It is best when doing an update to reinstall your applications from scratch.

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