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    I'm having problems with Docs2Go. Everytime I try to read a SlidetoShow file, the 650 freezes up when I get to at the half of the slides. Let's say if I have 30 slides, when I try to advance from the 14th to 15th slide, the screen freezes on the Please Wait message. So, I have to soft reset and then of course the files are corrupted, so I have to delete the temp database, the database, and then it works again, but when I try to view a different file, same thing happens when it reaches the middle of that file.

    Any ideas pls?
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    Sounds like it might be memory problems.. How much free memory on your phone? Do do have the DataViz tool installed? Do you have the dbcache installed?
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    I have about 8mb free and Dataviz tool instaled. no dbcache though

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