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    I hope someone can give me an answer to this.

    My old 650 developed problems a few weeks ago (reboots itself constantly, doesn't ring sometimes, screen response erratic) so Verizon sent me (what's evidently) a refurb under warranty. Meanwhile, I've not only got the basics loaded, but a number of additional programs and data as well. I'm also an Entourage user and sync my Treo with Entourage via MissingSync v4.0.6.

    Before I call Verizon and activate the new phone, I'd like to successfully transfer all the data from my existing User to the new phone, which is obviously set to factory defaults. I know there's a way, but I'm not sure how.

    Can anyone advise on how to do this? I sync'd my old phone, so everything is current on my computer.

    C D

    San Diego, CA
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    I had to do thos several times, as my phone was replaced when I broke or lost it. Hopefully you had the backup conduit checked when you last synced. Now you can restore your Treo by doing the following. Install missing sync on your Mac again. Uncheck the backup conduit and all the other conduits except the install programs. Install missing sync on your Treo. When that sync is completed open missing sync click on the backup conduit and check restore from backup. Sync again and your info should be transfered. Then open missing sync again and click on the entorage conduit and check overide Treo on sync (it will default back to syncing the next time). Sync one more time and you should be set. Some programs like Pocket Quicken will have to be installed again. Let me know how you get on.
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    Just to add - it's most likely a good idea to back up your database before proceeding with any of this, just in case your Sync settings don't hold.

    Go to ~/documents/palm/ and then duplicate the folder with your Hotsync ID as its name.

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