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    Hi I droped my sprint Treo 600 and it is way out of warranty.

    I cannot use the phone button, up 5-way, e, d, x, or 0. Everything else works fine. It is really weird.

    I looked at the spare parts and take apart movie and was wondering if anyone thinks only the cable is pulled out. I don't think it is likely but I will throw it out if anyone thinks that it is possible.

    2nd question, how would I know if the problem is the motherboard or the keyboard? If I can replace for only $14, I will be really happy.

    Thanks, Chris
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    With the keys that you listed (most of which are in a row) my guess is that you might have a crack in the keyboard circuit card.

    I never took this phone apart but most keyboards that I have played with are made in layers and most can be taken apart to look for damage.

    I'll leave it to you to make the call but if it was me I would spring for the $14 to try and fix the keyboard.

    Good Luck,
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    Hi I got the replacement keyboard and it worked to fix the e d x 0, phone and up (5 way) buttons that were broken.

    Keyboard is 15 + 5 shipping. I had to get a good mini screwdriver set for 19. (I did not have a T6 torx.

    thanks cbuchner

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