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    I've read the PDF that comes with VoiceLauncher several times, it doesn't make a lot of sense.. Plus it seems like it's pretty out of date.

    I know the Treo 650 won't do real voice launching from a Bluetooth headset, but is there a way to get it to immediately take a command when hitting the BT headset button? Right now I'm finding I have to hit the button, wait for it to launch, then press the 5-way in to get it to listen for a command.

    Also, what does the "Enable headset to play sounds" option do? The wired headset already does this automatically AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $so$ $it$ $leads$ $me$ $to$ $think$ $it$'$s$ $related$ $to$ $Bluetooth$, $but$ $none$ $of$ $the$ $sounds$ $come$ $through$ $the$ $BT$ $headset$.

    Any way to make it faster? It seems like it takes almost nine seconds for it to come up and be ready for me to hit the 5-way button to make it "listen" after hitting the BT headset button.

    And lastly, any neat tips? Like macros you've made to do some action? It'd be nice to make something to switch my network from GPRS to Bluetooth for instance, I wonder if it can do that. Again, the manual is really poorly worded.

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    I use mine with Sprint and it works great with Sprint's voice command. All I do is hit the power button once on my HBH662 headset and it dials the number for Sprint's voice command and all I do is speak and it dials any number I have saved or it will also dial digits I speak. When I'm done with the call I hit the power button again and it ends the call. I can have my treo in my pocket the whole time without ever having to hit any buttons on it at all. I only use VL for this function and it works great also it is free if you only use 2 commands. If you look at the directions and go to the part about "bluetooth for the treo 650 (near the bottom of the page) you will see how to set it up".
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    I don't use Sprint, and while I think Cingular has voice dialing, I don't have the feature. That does sound pretty nice though. Shame the Treo won't do Bluetooth voice dialing itself.

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