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    I just upgraded my Treo 650 from 1.13 ROW to 1.20 ENA. Although the upgrade completed without a problem, I now apparently have a software conflict that becomes apparent after I complete the Hot Synch to restore my data and applications. Immediately after the Hot Synch completes, the following message appears. "The application cannot be launched because it is missing localization information". It is not possible to clear this message and the only alternative is to do a hard reset.

    I need to Hot Synch without automatically loading my non-native applications so I can individually load them later. I disabled the conduit "Install" but the non-native apps still load. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    I would think there would be some sort of manual Hot Synch control that would allow me to selectively choose what apps Hot Synch. Does this capability exist?

    Help would be appreciated because I currently cannot get beyond a working phone without any of my contacts or specific data.
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    The none native apps are stored in a typical folder: C:\program files\palm\username\backup.

    If you rename this backup folder to backupold - that keeps them handy and then hard reset the device and sync - only your PIM information will make it back on to the device.

    You can't set this also in the hot sync conduit to "backup" does nothing but I wouldn't recommend that - as I prefer to load back the items out of this backupold folder.
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