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    We just started using the Treo 650 at work. Currently only myself and one other person has it. Problem I am noticing is when it syncs with outlook, it will take a message from my outlook box that was already read, put it to the handheld as unread. Also, when I recieve a new message to my exchange box, it makrs itself as read once it is forwarded to the handheld. We are running versamail (yes, I have seen the chattermail references), exchange 2000 currently and set up via POP.

    I have also noticed that the sent items from the handheld do not tranfer over to the sent items in exchange.

    Is this all something upgrading to exchange 03 with active sync will fix? Is it something that chattermail will fix?

    Any help is greatly appreciated, and I apologize if this has been discussed.

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    I believe the problem is that you're treating the exchange account as a POP account. POP3 protocol doesn't support synchronization, meaning there's no way to really tell which message is read and unread on the server. Also, I don't believe you can get messages in folders other than inbox.

    VersaMail has direct support for Exchange Auto Sync. So once you upgrade your system to the one that support EAS (I believe Exchange'03 does), then you can configure your VersaMail account to use EAS as the email type. That way all messages will be able to sync up with the server. Once you do that, not only can you sync your email, but you can also sync up your calendar.

    The other good thing is that you can connect to your corporate email without having to use VPN

    Hope this helps!

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