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    I have updated a user of mine with the Sprint 1.13 update last week and now she's complainting there's problem with it afterward.

    Since the upgrade, it has crashed between midnight and 1:30 am. She know this because that's when the clock stops. She then have to restart the treo by popping the battery out every morning and rebooting.
    To make things more interesting, she have watched the palm turn itself on: she had the keyguard on which requires me to push the menu key if she want to use the palm. She have to do this within 15 or so seconds of waking it up - otherwise, it will just goes back to sleep/standby.
    Also, she have watched the palm wake up and activate the menu key somehow while sitting next on the desk yesterday.

    Thank You
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    I, too, just updated to 1.13 for Sprint. I did a clean install. I haven't put any additional programs on it yet; just my contacts, appointments, and memos.

    I don't have the problems you described, but... there is a long delay now when I try to get to a contact. If I go into my contacts and press Q for example, there is now a long delay before it shows me the 3 entries I have with Q names. Even just scrolling my contact list causes a lag as the display is refreshed after reaching the end of each page.

    Also, after deleting a memo last night, my screen went dim. Adjusting the brightness did nothing, and turning it on and off had no effect, either. Calling from another line woke it back up into full brightness, however!

    Anyone else?

    Also, for a year now when I connect to the internet, it says 'connecting to unnamed.' I thought the new firmware would fix whatever I had messed up in that regard, but I guess not. It still works, I just expect that it should say PCS Vision instead of unnamed.

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