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    I did a search and couldn't find a topic on this:

    Since using an FM txmitter via my jack i've lost the ability to use the phone without a blue-tooth or jack... The ear-speaker is no longer working..

    At first i thought that the jack had gotten fouled up to where it thought it was permanently plugged in and all sound was routed that way, but when i tried a blue-tooth earpiece that works fine...

    Anyone had this problem? Is there a fix or do i have to take it back (big pitb, i've gone a ton of stuff on my treo).

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    I think the bluetooth earpiece will still work despite the jack on the Treo being screwed up. So, don't rule out the fact (most likely) that your Treo DOES still think the jack is being used.

    Wiggle the jack in there for a while until you get the earpiece speak back, and then don't use the jack again. (Not using the jack is the best advice I can give -- unless you'd like to roll the dice and hope that the next Treo you get won't have jack issues, too.)

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    Try a search for ear speaker." Here is one of the threads.
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    I think you're right... Come to think of it, my external speaker on the back of the phone isn't working either... i'll try playing a song and bumping the jack around a little.

    *edit* thanks for the link gapost.. I didn't think of that for my search word...
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