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    Hey i tried to ...config my Novi remote on my treo 650...for my JVC...TV..but it never make it relearn the..IR codebase..using the JVC original remote but it doesnt work..when relearning the reads the IR form the remote..and the treo beeps to accept the code..but when i try to use the treo turn on and off my TV it never works...(and i amd standing..a inch away from the distance is not a factor..) i doing something wrong....i downloaded the software..from the orginal website......not the deluxe version...the help...
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    Im pretty sure the Treo's IR port isnt powerful enough to use with the standard IR port built into the Treo.

    They sell an add on that you can put into the SD card slot.

    Im not 100% on this, but im pretty sure.

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