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    Ok, I think I've scanned through the posts on the disheartening topic of getting duplicate (mostly Outlook calendar appts) records when synching with more than one computer with my 650. (NB: I synch at work through a cable, and at home via Bluetooth, both utilizing Outlook.)

    I've done the conduit updater, re-synched, but, alas, more duplicate records. In fact, I can't find the conduit update in "Custom" in HotSync manager.

    Strangely, they (the duplicates) seem to be recurring appts that are duplicated.

    Is there a definitive fix for this? Will I always have this problem, and in the end need to buy a duplicate remover program (the principal of which steams me)? Why did this not occur with my 600?
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    I'm a new user to the Treo 650, although I was an extensive user of the Palm OS during my days of Handspring ('97-'01). I can't tell you how to reactivate the "Custom..." menu option within HotSync Manager, but once you can regain access, here's what I setup, such that I'm able to successfully sync three computers (client site Outlook, company Outlook, Personal Outlook) without duplicate records. All three computers:

    (a) Are set to "Synchronize" the files between the handheld and the computer
    (b) I've made sure to check the "Enable synchronization to multiple PC's" by going into the "Settings..." for each Outlook task
    (c) For Conflict Resolution, I've selected "Handheld Wins," given I'm mostly using my Treo to put in new appts or adjusting existing appointments
    (d) Not sure if you need to do this, but just before I hit OK on each of the Outlook items for which I've configured, I check the "Set as Default" checkbox, then hit OK. That way I know my settings will stick for every hotsync operation, not just the next one performed.

    Hope this helps...

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