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    I put my Treo on my desk today and when I picked it up it also brought with it a couple paper clips that were laying under it. They were stuck to the Treo's speaker. I guess the speaker magnet is pretty strong so becareful if you put a credit card and the Treo in the same pocket.
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    Yeah, the same thing happened with my T|E and my atm card.... thanks for the heads up...
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    I have had my credit cards in same pocket as hotel room card and then couldn't get in my room. I routonely drop cc's on my desktop speaker w/o issue ....wonder why i never been burned. Then again, I replace my Amex card about every six months as the numbers get worn out
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    I found out that certain credit cards have stronger strips than other ones. Isn't that weird?

    They are not all the same. I had the same thing happen, my atm card got wiped but my credit card (much to my demise) was still working. Go figure it could not happen the opposite direction.

    Hotel electronic key cards have the weakest strips compared to Credit cards and ATM cards because they get lost easily. Cheaper that way.

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