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    I'm new to Chatter and as of this morning I have had a account working beautifully with Chatter. Today I decided that I didn't like the "dot-us" domain, so I switched both user name and domain to <newuser> via a free one-time switch that Fastmail allows after an account upgrade. In Chatter, under the "Define" tab I changed my Login Name, and under the "Other" tab in SMTP settings, I again changed my Login Name as well as the Ret'n Addr. All of these were <olduser> and are now <newuser>

    Now I can receive emails fine, but when I try to send I get the following error:
    "You must have at least one online or timed Mailbox in order to upload sent messages."
    After a few minutes the connection times out with a 421 error.

    I've double and triple-checked my settings but cannot find anything unusual (other than the "" server name that is set up by using the Fastmail template that Marc includes.

    Any help is much appreciated.
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    That message doesn't indicate a sending problem; it indicates that you don't have any Mailboxes to use for uploading sent items (there needs to be at least one that's online or is on timed sync). I'm not sure about 421 - sounds like an internal error at fastmail. Can you send me a log (instructions in the FAQ at

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    Marc, I just reset my "Upload sent items to..." folder as you implied and the problem went away. I can send again. Thanks! I don't know why it had to be reset since the entry was "INBOX.Sent Items" before and after reset it. Also, no 421 error either.

    Two thumbs up for Marc and Chattermail!

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