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    I set up Versamail ActiveSync on my Treo650. Everything seemed fine as it was working from some days until 2/20/2006 then I received this message on the auto-sync :
    There was a problem syncing messages. Can't connect to server. Please check your network or server settings and try again.
    Details: AirSAMStateMachine.c 453 4626

    System specs :
    Server 2003 Enterprise SP1
    Exchange 2003 Enterprise SP2
    Treo 650-1.20-ENA / Firmware : 01.71
    VersaMail 3.1E

    Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this problem?
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    having the same problem...
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    I don't know what caused it but I was able to fix it by turning the phone off and back on.

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