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    Is there a way to "save" text messages, perhaps to your memos? Thanks!
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    When a text message is displayed, use the menu button. One of the choices should be "Copy to Saved Folder".
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    Thanks. I have VZ and here are my choices under the menu:

    reply, forward, delete, mark as unread, copy and select all.

    When I hit "copy", I am unable to paste it in memos. Suggestions?


    I just want to be able to save some text messages.
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    paste in new docs to go word file
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    Sorry for the difficulty, but when I "copy" the text and go to docs to go , nothing pastes. I tried sheet to go, word and word to go. Nothing pasted. Suggestions? Thanks in advance for trying to help a newbie.
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    Are you actually highlighting all the text you want to copy before you hit copy?
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    thanks....that was the problem! Sorry for doing the obvious!

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