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    asking all of you because i respect chatter-forum user views:

    my partner and i operate a recording studio...we use chatter for day-to-day communications for the studio and to keep each other posted on various other schedule-intensive endeavors (touring schedules, rehearsals, etc.)...

    is there any way to have an "online" calendar for our common schedules that, the contents of which can be updated "over-the-air" or "on the web" to our treo phones (600, 650)?

    i'm not looking for real-time (blackberry, goodlink) type scheduling stuff...just a "master" online calendar that we can "pull"/"download" scheduling from every so-often or when we know there's been changes...

    any ideas?
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    Hmmmm, that sounds like it'd be an altogether different app than Chatter. I don't think such an app exists, but it's definitely a good idea. You guys aren't satisfied with being able to email one another with calendar changes?
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    well...the calendar changes happen most when we're not around each other...oddly enough...

    any ideas would help...


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