I have a Verizon Wireless Treo 650. I also use Gmail as my e-mail account, and I use VersaMail as my POP3 client to send and receive e-mail on my Treo.

VersaMail downloads all my mail properly via autosync and a force retrieve whenever I wish, the only problem is if I send e-mail on my PC, VersaMail will download those sent items, as well as my incoming mail and put everything into my Inbox. I would like VersaMail to continue to download both my sent items, as well as my new incoming mail, but I would like it to automatically sort and put all the e-mails I sent from my PC into the Set folder in VersaMail, and keep all the new incoming mail in my Inbox.

I updated my Treo OS software, as well as VersaMail's software to the latest version's on Palm's website. After I did this, VersaMail was behaving the way I wanted it to, until I HotSync'ed. My HotSync process froze on the VersaMail screen and I had to hit the reset button at the back of my Treo, and unplug the USB cable and hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and shut down the HotSync process. When I looked at my VersaMail on my Treo, my account info had all been deleted and I had to create and set up my account all over again. Once I did this, VersaMail started downloading all my mail and putting it all in my Inbox once again rather than separating them. I called Palm for tech support and they were less than helpful. Hopefully you guys can be of assistance.

Thanks in advance.