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    Hello All,

    I have the Treo 650 (Sprint) & Plantronics Discovery 640. I can hear fine but people tell me that I cut in and out. I used to think it was the Motorola BT earpiece so I spent the money and bought the Plantronics, exact same problem. Any ideas or recommendations, it will be much appreciated.
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    Did you update to 1.20 ENA?
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    Can Sprint do 1.20?? I thought 1.13a was the newest.
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    1.13a is the newest for Sprint. After upgrading to the 1.12, my bluetooth problems went away for the most part.
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    how far away is your phone from the headset? Inside a pocket, case, ect? Mine use to until i updated to 1.12 and wore it on my belt.
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    Thanks for the help.
    I updated to 1.13. I had the Treo in the cupholder of the car and the headset on the right ear about 2 feet from the phone. I have found that if I keep the Treo within a foot of the headset it solves the cutting in and out problem but with no "hands free" benefit.
    Oh well

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