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    1.1 (1st update)
    - bugfix: Content extraction
    - bugfix: security patch from xpdf 3.01pl2 added
    - bugfix: MobiPocket is called with the created PalmDOC
    - bugfix: Copy/Paste support in the search field
    - memory check around Content-extraction, does prevent out-of-memory crahes with large files
    - changed Scrollvalues
    - changed progressbar a bit, extended "WAIT" to cover also the extraction of content
    - added file handling support with RescoExplorer, ZLauncher, MobiSystems OfficeSuite etc.
    - direct mode for the apps above, means no stop in the file browser and direct exit after the renderer is closed
    - support for keyboards
    - swapped quit and rotation button on all devices except Zodiac to have quit on home button on TX
    - when moving behind the right or left border using the keys, the display is wrapped around for better readability in large zooms
    - Skin support, selectable
    - Possibility to rename PDF files in the file browser
    - when called by another app or received file (using exchange manager) PalmPDF goes back to the called app when the PDF file is closed
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    Just call me Berd.
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    Great, thanks.

    I have a question: Can this .prc modify itself? I've moved this to the card to save memory, and when I quit the application have to wait for it to copy back to the card. If I flag it as Read Only, then the OS doesn't try to copy it back.

    Is it safe to mark it as Read Only, or not?


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    It is possibly better (more stable) this new version, but on my Treo650 GSM its remarkably slower...

    ...and my Treo has never reset itselves in prior versions, but it this version it does. Seem like it needs to clear the memory (heap) to function properly.

    ...and it's quit a long wait for it to respond when opening a pdf from card. Makes me start wondering if the device has locked up.... before it suddenly opens. Same thing when changing zoom.

    It would be nice if I could open PDF's directly from my mail client. Is it possible to make it register as a viewer in a future release?
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    Does anyone else have the problem of having PalmPDF disappear after soft reset? I end up reinstalling the .prc (and I use the option to move to card), but then it disappears on me. I actually think it relates to a soft reset, but I will investigate further. Just wanted to see if anyone else has run into this yet.

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    Just did a test and the same thing happens to me
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    Me too. Anyone knows where to find ver 1.0?

    Reported it to the author at
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    I used Mreset to do a soft reset and it was still there.

    Anyone know how to get that original message uo again talking about memory and where they recommend to throw ya PDF's...or is my memory faulty.

    BTW, how much dynamic memory are yu guys showing available. Mine says 4813 / 4756 which remind sme of my wife's spending habits.....she can mange to spend $4,813 outta every $4,756 I bring home....IIRC, the program wants a min of 5k to do color. Meminfo says I have 4824 free, largest chunk being 4756....but if the device only has 5440....seems kinda hard to have 5k+ free.
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    I lose my 1.1 after reset, back to ver 1.0
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    My problem with 1.0 is when I get an email with a PDF attachment, I have to first save it to the card in order to open it because if I try to open it from RAM, Palm PDF doesn't show up on my list of available applications.
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    Is PalmPDF stub installed in the RAM? Install the whole application in RAM and then move it to card using the Menu-Options-To Card.
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    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    That did the trick. Thanks. I had moved it to the card with Z-Launcher.
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    2. AT&T Tilt (Refurb) with DK.8 Rom (collecting dust)
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    Here's an odd one....I moved PalmPDF to the card using options and then used PowerRUn to move the stub to the card 10-12 days it was icon, no file in memory, no file on card...everyhing else ok.

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