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    Hi everyone -

    I'm stumped as to why my Sprint Treo650 is setting off some store alarms. It happens every single time entering or exiting a Walgreens and occasionally at a Barnes and Noble. It's definately the Tre0650 because it doesn't occur if I walk through without it. A store employee walked through the alarms with it and it went off. Very embarrasing.

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    It's the radio inside the Treo. Turn the phone portion off and you should notice that it doesn't set off the alarm. It's a "cell phone" thing, not exactly a "Treo thing".

    Either that, or it knows that you stole it and is trying to plea for help.
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    It's eitrher:

    1. Walgreens is actually owned by terrorists and they are looking for Jack Bauer.

    2. What Crowza said.

    I'd go w/ 2

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