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    I just got a Treo 650 and downloaded Missing Sync v.5. I installed everything including the Entourage palm conduits. I made sure before I synced that it did say "syncronize" as opposed to "palm overwrites computer" or vice versa. However, on the first sync it erased all my contacts, calendar, and tasks in entourage and replaced them with the default sprint numbers that come on the phone (i.e. 411, sprint cust. serv., etc.) Anyone know how to recover contacts lost in the syncing process? Thanks in advance.
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    Do a restore from backup.
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    i had teh same problem it deleted all my contacts everything-did a restore from backup and nothing happened all that went back where my memos-tasks and schedules-all my contacts down the drain. I hope you find a solution i had to manually put back every single number that i had stored on my old phone.
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    I did the same thing also, my desktop was set to sync and it still overwrote everything, No warning or anything. I'm going to try a windows restore point.
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    The first time you sync you always need to manually set the conduit to overwrite whichever device doesn't have your numbers.

    Do you have a backup of the entourage datafile?
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    Where would the backup be? I don't think I ever manually backed it up. I did however have contacts in the Mac Address book (whatever it's called, i haven't used it since I got Entourage). I was able to sync with those and they are only a couple months old, so I didn't loose everything.

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