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    So, from my own experiences and those on this board, it apears that wordsmith is currently the king of the hill when it comes to MS word integration and word processing.

    Is there an equivalent product for Excel and Access?

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    Originally posted by technopop
    Is there an equivalent product for Excel and Access?
    I've tried both Quicksheet and TinySheet. They both offer integration with Excel. I registered Quicksheet (actually Quickoffice, which included Quickword) but now that WordSmith is almost everything I want in a handheld word processor, Quickword has been relegated to my PalmOS software boneyard... I haven't tried any Access-compatible database apps as of yet.
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    Version 2 of Thinkdb now has a DBSync component that directly interfaces to Access.
    The Thinkdb palm app is free. The desktop stuff isn't.
    Haven't had the time yet to put the DBSync through it's paces.
    You can download the new version and try it out for 20 days.
    It requires the Access 2000 Jet components which can be downloaded from Microsoft.
    The ThinkDB site has FAQ's on this.

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