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    I was doing a flash upgrade to my Treo and it was showing me the progress bar. Then the screen went blank and came back up and sat on a white screen. It still sits there even after leaving it in the cradle. I have tried reset, clear everything, even opening it up and disconnecting the battery. It never goes back to normal. Also when charging it doesn't play the tones when I plug it in nor does it show the orange charging light or green completed charging light.

    I called Sprint who told me to take it to a store. The store says they don't fix them anymore and they can only do insurance replacements but if I am still within warranty I can call Palm. Palm says I need to call Sprint. So I am trapped in the finger pointing game and I really need some advice on what to do. I don't want to consider this to be a paper weight now. Its my only phone and I can't afford a new one at the moment and I don't have insurance on it.
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    Hello Alopeke and welcome to TreoCentral!

    It does sound like your Treo crashed during the flash upgrade. It might be possible to salvage the unit and get things working again. You can perform a debug reset and then try re-running the upgrade. It might be possible to run the upgrade in advanced mode which may allow you to reload the ROM image on the Treo even though it's not responding normally.

    Alan G

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