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    Can anyone advise me how to print off photos from the media package that comes with the phone, I have loads of buttons to press for making the pictures better, larger, red eye reduction, etc. etc., but I can`t find the print button, sorry to seem like an *****, but I would like to see some of the photos in print!
    Also the sound level booster from volume care works a treat, shame you have to buy something like that for the phone, still chuffed with it though, Daryl.
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    take your Treo to your local CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, use Bluetooth to send photos to the machine, or pull out your SD card and stick it in machine. do all of your edits there, crop, red eye, color fixes, etc etc....print for about 19 cents per pic just like normal pics. the win.
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    Thanks for the reply, Wal-Mart is around 5000 miles away I think, I live in Blighty, (England) I have the pics in the Treo, & I have the printer, I just would like to find the print option/button cos ctrl-p don`t work, cheers, Daryl
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    Never used the bundled software, but can't you simply open the jpgs in photoshop or an equivalent?

    I use an aces free photo editor called irfanview (.com) or google for it.

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    Bachman Software has an app for printing from handheld directly to printer, but they're not listed on the PalmFocus Software Compatibility List, the bible for me for installing new apps. I recall Stevens Creek Software and Teal also had stuff like this back in the Treo 600 days. Dunno if they've updated though.

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