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    This looks REALLY interesting and could be the Ultimate HANDSFREE device. Has anyone tried it? I need the opinion of the someone on the board before I take the plunge.
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    That does look interesting but it's not cheap.
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    Yeah, that's an intriguing concept/design. Personally, I'd say 2 things:
    1) Speakerphones are made & broken on sound quality, both in coming (speaker to ear) and outgoing (voice-to-caller), and that affects voice commands (clarity). So I'd really encourage holding out for a full review before spending over a Benjamin for it.

    2) I'd want to see this device in BT v1.2 which would allow connection to multiple devices. If it could be used as a Handsfree Speakerphone, but also a BT Wireless Mic/Speaker set (and save both those connections as needed/ used), I'd be totally into it. Since I do a lot of Dictation/ VoiceCommand on the Tablet, those features would make it awesome.

    Sidenote: I think Dictation/ Voice is going to become much more important in computing, eventually becoming a major input means for the future ultra-tiny (like pocket sized) PCs. It seems PC makers agree, as more & more r&d is going towards Voice in software/ hardware). A device that can connect to both SmartPhone & PC for regular calls, voice dialing, pc input, speakerphone conference calls, etc would be a really awesome tool in the briefcase.
    Interested to hear more about what this unit really offers....
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