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    Aren't you glad it blinks?
    Safety and happiness can only come from individuals, classes, and nations being honest and fair and kind to each other.
    - C.S. Lewis
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    Yeah, that make sme feel even more knowing the remote control is working...."I am a wife is controlling me from a remote"
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    Check out my reviews... had a scala / two types of jabra's and now a HBH-610. I am sticking to the 610

    I give real accounts of my testing, while I was traveling... I am in and out of airports alot, and I love my 610...

    Got to love it... Balinor
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    I've had the opportunity to test various headsets with my 650, and I've come to find the Jabra JX-10 is the best performing, as well as best looking for my taste. Furthermore, I've purchased some Jabra gels from Radio Shack, and now I no longer need to crank up the volume each time I use it (the default volume setting is perfect with the gels).

    A sidenote about various people experiencing static with this or other BT models:

    What I've come to believe is the reason why certain headsets are working "fine" for some folks with 650's, and the same models have static for other folks, is not because some 650 are built better than others, but rather, because people's bodies generate different levels of electromatic inteference.

    I'm no expert, but I figure there's more likelihood each of our bodies are built a little differently versus a 650. ;-)
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    This headset is perfect for wearing with glasses because it is an in-ear headset not requiring any hookup over your ear. Furthmore you can use a wall-adapter charger of the portable, AA battery powered charger to keep it charged. All in all a great deal.

    That said, I am looking to try out the Moto H5 Miniblue headset as it negates the need to noise/wind cancellation altogether.
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    I just bought a Plantronics Discovery 640 and so far it is much better than the Treo Wireless headset I had (which was much, much better than the Scala 500 before that).

    So far my feedback is:

    1) excellent sound quality on both ends. Cutting out was my problem with the TWH but everyone who I ask says "you're on a wireless headset?"
    2) accessories and stuff are really cool
    3) range is so-so, it breaks up a little earlier than my TWH did
    4) I'm not sure about the fitting in the ear thing. It seems to work but it isn't a breeze to put in yet, maybe with some practice. I can hardly tell it is in there though it is so light.
    5) It picks up very, very quickly and even beeps to tell me it is picking up. Nice.

    So far so good. I'll have to use it for a couple of weeks then post a follow-up
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