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    Strange thing happened to my versamail today. Now when I go to delete my messages from both the handheld and the server the treo says it does (and it does delete from handheld), but messages are staying on the server. What would cause this to happen? I've had the treo 650 since October (setup with Versamail) and this is the first time this has happened. I've added a few applications to it but nothing in the last 2 weeks and at that time I added volume care. I tried doing a soft reset and that didn't change anything.
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    Try deleting the account on the Treo and re-defining it on the Treo (in Versamail).

    Sometimes that fixes the corrupt indexes or whatever VersaMail uses to keep track of e-mails.
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    Thanks, it seems to be working fine now!
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    This problem has been driving me nuts. Thanks for the fix!

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