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    can someone post in lay terms how I put the calandar software I use at my office, Amicus Attorney, into the calandar on the Treo 650. This is the main reason i bought the Treo and I can figure out what to do. thanks, mshefman
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    i have no idea how that software works, but maybe try this?
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    Hi mshefman,
    I did a search but didn't find much information about amicus. One recent thread included the email address of a treocentral user who has used this software (apparently, he now uses a 700w, but previously used amicus with a 650) -- if you aren't able to get the information you seek otherwise, you may want to contact him:

    Good luck,
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    You need to go into the Amicus setup. Then set it to Sync with the Palm. That will install the necessary conduits to put your calendar on the Treo. I do it with TimeMatters and it works great.
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    thanks heberman, can you tell me what I choose in Amicus Setup to make it sync as I did not see an option to sync with the Palm
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    You can get a palm document from Lori Berenson at if this doesn't help, e-mail her for more information.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crash331
    i have no idea how that software works, but maybe try this?
    Hi, I'm an attorney from Park Ridge IL who has used Amicus and went through this last year when getting my Treo 650 to work with Amicus. The bottom line is that I gave up trying to use the Palm conduits directlty, and use the Outlook conduits. I syc to Outlook from Amicus, then I sync the 650 to Outlook and it works great. If you have any more specific questions, I would be happy to help any way that I can. I remeber trying to get information on how to do this, and there was not much available at the time.
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    ok, here is how you do it. make sure you back up your database first (can never be too careful). Amicus Attorney is closed. Using your windows explorer, browse from your computer to your Team50 folder (this is where your database is on your server, not the Amicus folder on your machine). Usually, x:\Program Files\Team50.

    Browse down to the Team50\Install\Pilot directory. Double click on the PPSetup.exe, follow through the instructions, and you will have your palm pilot conduits. The first time you run the sync, it may take a while.

    By the way, when Amicus is first installed, it will ask you if you want to install the Palm Pilot, if you say yes, the palm pilot conduits will install automatically.

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